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The Sterling iHorn is a small  iHorn made from a 1923 Sterling Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd. radio horn made in Great Britain.  Sterling made beautiful small radio horns which are extremely rare.  This is only the second iHorn of its type.

Sterling Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd., was located on Tottenham Court Road in London.  At its height of production, it employed approximately 2,000 people.  The factory itself covered over 10 acres.  Its emphasis was on electrical parts, but it made entry into the telephone market in 1890, where its primary customer was Britain’s National Telephone Company.    However, in 1925, it was purchased by Marconi, becoming an “associated company” which meant that Marconi was going to push its brand and closed the doors on Sterling. 

The Sterling iHorn is a small but extremely valuable piece of radio horn history.  It’s patina once again reminds us that age is beautiful when viewed with the correct lenses.  It is a reminder that good things come in small packages.