The Adding Machine

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The Adding Machine iHORN is made from an antique American Adding Machine coupled with a fox hunting horn.  It was patented in 1912. 

This lever set non-printing manually operated adding machine has an etched steel case painted black. Seven levers move in circular arcs between slots in the case. The case is painted along the edges of the slots with the digits from 0 to 9 (large and in black and white) and 9 to 0 (small and in red). The large digits are used for addition, the small ones for subtraction. A corrugation or depression in the cover is found at the place of each digit. Digits are set by placing the index finger in the corresponding depression and raising the lever by the thumb until it is stopped by the finger. They are entered by moving down a metal handle with a wooden knob on the right side. The result appears in seven windows above the levers. Rotating a knob on the left side of the machine transforms the action of the handle from addition to zeroing. If you can follow those instructions, you are way ahead of me.  Regardless, it is a beautiful machine!

An adding machine is a perfect gift for a mother or accountant.  For the accountant, it all adds up, but for a mother because her love is selflessly synergistic, making the sum of the whole greater than the individual parts.