The Arkay

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The Arkay iHorn is a one of a kind iHorn made from a 1921 Riley Klotz radio horn.  These are extremely sought after and is one of a kind because of the competition to procure them at auction.  It originally sold for $5.00.

Riley-Klotz Manufacturing Company was located in Newark, New Jersey.  The name “Arkay” came from the initials of the manufacturing company “R” and “K”.  Like several other horns of the day, they used automobile horn pieces in order to cut manufacturing costs.  Unlike so many other horns which had a rudimentary driver, the Arkay had no driver at all, allowing the universal use of biscuit earphones to produce the sound to be amplified. 

The Arkay iHorn is small but so unique it is a first of its kind and a centurian.