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The BTH iHORN is made from a 1923 BTH radio horn.  It is glimmering in its beauty, contrast and wonder.  It is the only iHorn ever made from a BTH Radio Horn due to their rarity.  It is a model C2 with an aluminum gooseneck and painted bell, with a brown bakelite base.

The BTH iHorn was manufactured by British Thomson-Houston Co., Ltd. in Great Britain.  They were based on Rugby, Warwickshire, England.  The company Laing, Wharton and Down was formed in 1886 to sell products from Thomson-Houston, an American firm known as the American Electric Corporation until 1883.  Laing, Wharton and Down manufactured and installed the first electrical lighting in the east end of London.    Laing, Wharton and Down was part of a merger with the Edison General Electric Company in 1892 and was renamed Thomson-Houston.  By 1928, they amalgamated with Metropolitan-Vickers and were known as Associated Electrical Industries.  Clearly, radio horns were only the smallest part of their wide spread capitalist enterprise.  In their day they were famous for producing Crystal Sets, Valve Radio's, Loudspeakers and Radio Valves.   

Ultimately, The BTH iHorn is rare and stately.  It is a contrast in style and material.  It is a survivor including the ravages of WWII.  It is one of a kind piece which may never be duplicated.  So for those who know the best when they see the best, The BTH iHorn stands alone.