The Columbia

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The Columbia iHORN is made from an Columbia Graphophone metal horn probably made approximately in 1922.  It’s sound and shape express its unique character and voice. 

Columbia Graphophone Co. Ltd. was one of the earliest gramophone companies in the United Kingdom founded in 1922, although its American parent company was founded in 1887.  Their graphophones played cyclinders, which made them late to the game.  Between 1902 and 1908, cyclinders were being phased out by plate record players which played for four minutes, which was twice as long as the cyclinders. 

Ultimately, The Columbia was limited in production from the start.  Its surviving numbers are even lower today.  This particular horn was purchased from a seller in Japan.  The Columbia iHORN is a one of a kind investment, which has survived for more than a century and still holds its magnificience.