The Connecticut

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The  Connecticut  iHORN is made from an extremely rare Connecticut Instrument Company horn which was manufactured in Stamford Connecticut in 1924.  The paint screams Roarin’ 20’s.
Little is known about Connecticut Instrument Company as originally formed.  However, research indicates like many radio horn speaker manufacturers, its start was most probably related to the telephone industry.  In 1922, G.B. Crouse who as employed by Connecticut Instrument Company copyrighted an article he authored on Acoustics and the Telephone.  In the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, the telephone industry was the place to be, as the telephone changed the world by connecting rural with urban and revolutionized communication.  Even today, communication is king and anything which makes that more possible has sweeping impacts which are immeasurable.
The Connecticut iHorn is small and extremely rare.  Small horns simply were never manufactured in the same numbers as the larger 14” horns and were therefore more rare from the start.  You can imagine how the ravages of time and a hundred years has impacted that rarity.  
Fast approaching centurian status, The Connecticut remains relevant and continues to Roar!