The Diamond Disk Double

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The Diamond Disk Double iHorn is made from a pre-1920's Diamond Disk horn coupled with an Amberola X horn, also made before 1920.  They are cylinder phonograph horns which were originally mounted inside a wooden cabinet.  The age is determined by the color.  Amberola horns pre-1920 were painted in a wood grain finish in order to match the cabinet because it was thought that nothing could be placed in front of the opening without impacting sound quality.  By 1920, they have figured out that fabric could be placed in front of the opening and therefore it was no longer necessary to go through the laborious and expensive process of painting the horns to match the cabinets.   After 1913, all Edison cylinder Phonographs were manufactured as "cabinet" models, that is, with the horn enclosed in a stunning wooden cabinet.    The Diamond Disk Double iHorn is a Centurian, speaking to the beauty and wisdom of longevity, which speaks with a clear and experienced voice.