The Flex

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The Flex iHorn is made from an antique flex neck funnel.  It is estimated The Flex was made in the 1930’s or 40’s, but may be more recent. The Flex was initially a product of the Huffman Manufacturing Company origins were in 1887 when George P. Huffman purchase the Davis Sewing Machine Company and set up manufacturing in Dayton, Ohio.  Huffman Manufacturing was incorporated by Horace Huffman in 1924.  Huffman, or better known as “Huffy” made oil and gas containers, but its bread and butter was the bicycle.  By 2006, Huffy had sold over 100,000,000 bikes.  Ultimately, greed and mismanagement was the undoing of Huffman.  In 2004, Huffy announced its financial statements had “accounting irregularities.”  Their stock on the NYSE plummeted 40% in one day.  Three days later, trading of its stock was suspended and Huffy was removed from the trading list.  By October, 2004, Huffy was in bankruptcy where it was discovered the “accounting irregularities” included corporate misuse of pension funds.  Today, Huffy’s pension program is now run by the United States government under the Pension Benefit Guarantee Program.

The Flex iHorn is a beautiful piece of motor functionality which will lube you up and keep your music motor running forever.