The Folded Horn

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The Folded Horn  iHORN  is a copper colored, Vintage Radio Horn Speaker from the 1920's and believed to by manufactured by Magnavox.  It is a pressed wooden horn in immaculate condition which produces a wonderful tone.  It was an inside the cabinet tube radio speaker horn. 

In 1910 Magnavox started as "Commercial Wireless & Development Company" at Napa, California. In 1915, Magnavox put a horn to their "telephone receiver with moving-coil system" and then used it as a "Fog-Horn" for the local baseball park.  It was called the “Magna Vox” which was latin for “Great Voice.” In 1917, the Company changed its name to Magnavox. Magnavox introduced its first tube radios in 1920, and continued to manufacture electronics until the 1980’s when it merged with Phillips.

The Folded Horn iHORN is majestic but simple and produces a powerful sound while taking minimal space.  It is a Great Voice.