The Kennedy

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The Kennedy iHorn is made from a 1920’s Kennedy Radio Horn, which was made by the Colin B. Kennedy Radio Co.  Kennedy was known as a maker of high quality radios, but made extremely few radio horns.  In fact, this is the only one I have ever seen.  The horn is made of rubber which produces a beautiful balanced sound.

Kennedy advertised itself as the Royalty of Radio, which is interesting in light of the fact that for many, the Kennedys are considered American Royalty.  Kennedy Radios sold for royal prices, with the Model 62L selling for $260.00 in 1926.  Adjusted for inflation, today that would equate to $4,359.89!  Apparently, Kennedy priced itself out of the market, filing for bankruptcy in 1926.

The Kennedy is a beautiful and rare piece.  It is a first of its kind and based on its rarity (for example, while referenced in the Encyclopedia of Radio Horns, there is not a single photograph included) probably a last of its kind.  Regardless, America needs service minded people who represent possibility and desire to make things better.  While we may not agree with everything for which the Kennedys’ stood, they knew that public service helped the public and that politics was public service, not party promotion nor self aggrandizement.