The Majestic

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The Majestic iHorn is made from a 1920’s Grigsby-Grunow-Hinds Company (“GGH”) radio horn in near mint condition.  GGH began in 1921 with four partners forming the Chicago-based auto parts firm of Grigsby-Grunow-Hinds. By 1925, the company was producing "Majestic" battery eliminators, but this business was soon threatened with obsolescence by the development of AC tubes and socket-powered radios. As a result, in 1928, they turned to manufacturing radios, selling under the Majestic trade name.  In March of 1928, they raised $1.1 million in a public offering of 29,000 $40 shares. They used the proceeds to finance expansion. All this was just in time to catch a rapid updraft in the fortunes of the radio industry. Hinds and the younger brother Grigsby sold out, and the company became Grigsby-Grunow.  Thus, The Majestic iHorn is no newer than 1929.

Not shy about the quality of their product, GGH’s advertising campaign for the Majestic was "Only the Leader Can Better His Handiwork."  The Majestic iHorn lives up to its name.  Its look and sound are majestic.  Indulge yourself – be royal.