The Masters

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The Masters iHorn is made from a cone gas oil bottle top dispenser made by Master Manufacturering & Equipment Co. in Litchfield, Illinois in 1926.  Charles M. Kruger of Overland, Missouri came up and patented the idea of maiking a “liquid dispensing device.”  But like so often, those with great ideas lack the capital to execute them.  Enter Master Manufacturering & Equipment Co., who either purchased the patent rights or negotiated a license, starting to make the product in 1926.  Their slogan was “Serve your oil in glass!”  The liquid dispensing device allowed you to service a vehicle’s oil needs without spilling it all over the place and making a mess.  Like so many ideas, the run was short.  By the late 1930’s, canned oil became more popular and serving oil in glass became faded into the silica.  So whatever your run, enjoy your day in the limelight, but realize that nothing lasts forever.  Thus, life is better when we appreciate and enjoy the small moments.