The Nora

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The Nora  iHORN is made from a 1927  Nora Radio horn which was made by Nora, a company located in Berlin, Germany.  To put this in perspective, by 1933, the Nazi’s had taken over Germany.  There is very little information published about this radio horn because of the realities of the time.  Nora Radio was founded by  Professor Hermann Aron.  He was quite successful and set up manufacturing plants abroad, which was ultimately taken over by his son who expanded the company into one of the largest German radio manufacturers until he was sent to a concentration camp and forced to sell the company (presumably for nothing) to Siemens-Schuckert in 1935.  While the company survived World War II, it never regained its prominent status.

The Nora iHorn is a survivor.  Made by Jews in Nazi Germany, who were sent to concentration camps with fates unknown but sealed, and forced to sell their business, their passion for beautiful music played through their radio horns survived.  The world must never forget the Holocaust and must always protect the vulnerable.