The Olds

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The Olds  iHorn is made from a 1941 Oldsmobile Instrument Cluster with a small vintage fox hunting horn.  Oldsmobile began as Olds Motor Vehicle Company in Lansing, Michigan, in 1897. Ransom Eli Olds founded the company after joining his father's machine shop around 1880. Together, they would make steam engines for yachts. As the business grew, Olds began experimenting with the idea of self-propelled vehicles. By 1897, he had created a three-wheeled, steam-powered vehicle. A four-wheeled version followed, which some people claim was shipped to a buyer in Mumbai, India, making it the first vehicle built in Michigan to ship internationally.  William Durant acquired Oldsmobile in 1908 during his creation of General Motors and made it his top engine supplier. Oldsmobile continued to produce four-cylinder cars throughout World War I, including the Model 44, which was a huge success, helping car sales for the company reach annual numbers of 10,000. Oldsmobile continued its impressive sales streak through 1935, surpassing 137,000 units sold. This was a new annual record for the company. One of those units was the millionth vehicle Oldsmobile had produced.  However, success is not perennial.  Oldsmobile met its demise from its affiliation with General Motors. After losing profit in the early 2000s, GM announced its intention to shut down Oldsmobile and made it official in 2004.

Post WWII, hope and prosperity flourished as America’s passion for life began to twist the night away.  We had pride in “Made in America.”  So, the Olds iHorn is a relic of prosperity and longevity and ultimately the failure to pivot with the times.