The Orchestrion Deluxe

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The Orchestrion Deluxe iHorn is made from a Radio Cabinet Company 1926 wooden bell and base radio horn with a paper mache neck.  It originally sold for $37.50 which made it one of the most expensive radio horn speakers of the day.  It was made in Indianapolis,, Indiana.  It is one of the finest iHorns ever made. 

            According to a December 1925 issue of the Indiana Star Newspaper, the Radio Cabinet Company planned a community Christmas celebration and made a huge version of this horn.  It was the largest all wood loud speaker in the world and cost over $500 to build.  The base was solid mahogany (like this iHorn), and the bell was veneered with 800’ of mahogany.  Its tone was clear and mellow, perfectly balanced with correct acoustics for volume and tone quality.  It stood 5’6” tall. 

            The Orchestrion iHorn is amazing.  It is rich and beautiful.  Its sound is clear and mellow.  It is simply  - perfection.