The Packard

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The Packard iHORN is made from a Packard instrument cluster, the exact year of origin is unknown however it is most probably from the 1940s.  The horn is a fox hunting horn.  As stated in early 1960’s advertising, it’s “solid funpower!”

Packard was an American luxury automobile company located in Detroit, Michigan. The first Packard automobiles were produced in 1899, and the last Packards were built in South Bend, Indiana in 1958.  Owning a Packard was considered prestigious.  Packard vehicles featured innovations, including the modern steering wheel, air-conditioning in a passenger car, and one of the first production 12-cylinder engines. After World War II, Packard struggled to survive.  It merged with Studebaker in 1953.  The Packard brand was phased out in 1959 after two years of declining sales of the Studebaker-built 1957 and 1958 model year Packards.

The Packard is spectacular.  It is one of a kind and most probably will never be duplicated.  If you know, you know and when it came to Packard, its advertising suggested, “Ask the man who owns one.”