The Remy

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The Remy iHORN is made from a 6 volt Klaxon horn made in the late 1930’s or early 40’s.  The patina on the horn is clear coated to stop the progression of time’s decay.  The Remy includes the stand pictured.

Delco-Remy purchased the Klaxon Horn Company in 1924.  It had been determined that Remy could build the horn at a lower cost than Klaxon.  When the of the manufacturing plant were open during the summers (before air conditioning and sound booths), one could hear the horns being blown during test for several blocks.  These Delco-Remy horns which were on all GM cars and light duty trucks from 1924 until the late 1990's.

A Klaxon type horn uses a motor-driven toothed wheel which ratchets against a metal stud attached to a diaphragm. Later horns would remove the motor and have the diaphragm activated by magnetic field from a coil of magnet wire.  Cost of a Klaxon horn was $3.50.   

The Remy iHorn is a “sm-aoogah” operator, which warned walkers, riders and drivers for seventy years of the coming “horseless carriage.”