The Singer

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The Singer iHORN is made from a vintage hand Singer sewing machine, Model 20 which was made in the 1920s to teach children to sew. 

Isaac Merritt Singer invented the world’s first practical sewing machine in 1850.  The patent was issued for the first Singer brand Sewing Machine on August 12, 1851.  In 1855, the Singer brand was awarded the first prize at the World’s Fair in Paris, France. That same year, SINGER becomes the largest selling brand of sewing machines internationally.  But Singer’s history and social impact remains ever present today.  Did you know that it was the Singer money which started the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York?  In addition, the Clark Foundation, started by Edward Clark, an attorney partner in Singer from its inception, is among the single largest charitable Foundations in the United States, not only responsible for the Baseball Hall of Fame, but in addition, providing educational scholarships, funding endeavors shcuh as the New York State Historical Association, the Fenimore Art Museum, The Farmers’ Museum, Glimmerglass Festival, and providing grants to organizations who assist people out of poverty providing funds for education, employment and social services.  Singer has and continues to stitch together the fabric of life.

The Singer iHorn honors the craft of sewing – a noble pass time which clothes the world.