The Stromberg Carlson

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The Stromberg Carlson iHorn is made from a complete later 1910 to early 1920’s Stromberg Carlson Paper Mache tree bark Radio horn.  It is especially rare because even the base is made from paper mache, while most have a wooden base.  This iHorn is truly one of a kind.  It is a centurian.

            Stromberg Carlson was formed in 1894 through the partnership of two Chicago Bell Telephone employees, with the goal to manufacture a better telephone.  They capitalized their business with $1,000.00.  It became the leading independent telephone producer making what became known as the “Farmer’s Telephone” because they connected rural America with its urban partners.  Stromberg Carlson produced radios from 1927 through 1956.  While having been bought out several times, the company was still in operation as late as 2006. The company’s success was due to their reputation for stable prices, uncompromising quality, and a strong emphasis on quality workmanship.

            The Original iHorn represents ingenuity and survival.