The Turner

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The Turner iHORN  is made from a 1961 CB and Ham Radio Microphone.  Like the Jettson’s, the microphone has classic Atomic design features which provides a space age appearance which is sleek, sexy, and exploratory.  In the early 1950’s Turner was a struggling microphone manufacturer with annuals sales of $240,000 insufficient to survive.  In the face of ruin, Turner found a way.  Turner went after the original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) market, replacing sales to end consumers with huge orders in the thousands to the electronic manufacturers.  Dictaphone, IBM and Motorola boosted Turner sales into sales into the millions.  Alas, with every boom comes a crash, and when CB radios fell out of fashion, Turner reverted back to its bread and butter: sales to Rock Bands and the Catholic Church.  The Turner Model 500 became the gold standard for rockers, while the Catholic Church used the “Cardioid” to amplify its church services.             The Turner iHorn is a desk top marvel.  It is small and loud, riding a futuristic trend and forecasting the continued dominance of America as a world player.