The Wersler

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The Wersler iHorn is a one of a kind iHorn made from a vintage 1920’s radio horn made by Wersler Audio.  There is absolutely no information available on either this particular horn or alternatively on Wersler Audio.  This bespeaks to two realities.  First, these are very rare because consumers clearly did not favor these horns at their time of manufacture.  The reality of antiquities is that if an item was popular with consumers, years later there are many to be found.  Second, the lack of favor with the consumer and the lack of available information on Wersler Audio means that is economic viability was improbable.  Remember, to be economically viable, not only did you have to have consumer favor, but you had to survive the ravages of WWI and the Great Depression.  So many companies did not fair well through either major impactive event.

Regardless, The Wersler is a pressed wood iHorn which today survives and produces a wonderfully melodic tone.  Forgive the Dad humor but it is clearly none the Wersler for age.