The York

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The York  iHORN is a made from an antique J.W. York small bugle.  It was made in 1918 and therefore it is a centurian.   Dating back to 1863,  Army regulations allowed recruiters to enlist those “such as the recruits as are found to possess a natural talent for music, to be instructed on the fife, bugle, and drum, and other military instruments…care should be taken to enlist those only who have a natural talent for music.” Because of the ability to be heard over the sounds of war, the bugle was favored over the drum and fife.  Still today, the bugle is used to honor the fallen by playing “Taps.” 

The York iHORN is simple but strong, a symbol of American strength, virtue and prosperity.  Its age imparts wisdom and the experience that only a long life well lived can convey.