Town Crier

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The Town Crier iHorn is a most unusually shaped radio speaker of 1925 manufactured by the Gale Radio Laboratories of Chicago, Illinois. It was billed as "Radio's Most Beautiful Speaker." It’s name is derived from a bellman of the Court who rang his bell and made pronouncements.  In 1925, the Town Crier speaker sold for $17.50 ($18.50 west of the Rockies). Gale Radio Labs said that it had, "the voice that thrills."  However, its unconventional shape and color scheme lead to lagging sales as the consumer preferred to the traditional bell horn.  Gale pivoted recalling this horn after only one year on the market and again released the speaker, this time in a dull black, selling the same for $7.95 plus 22¢ shipping (miraculous considering its 8 lbs weight).  Still, supply and demand ruled the day and the Town Crier in other than black did not survive past 1925.  To be direct, this iHorn was commercially available for only one year.  Today, it is an extremely rare horn which is highly prized by radio horn collectors.  In fact, it may be the single rarest iHorn ever made.  So pronounce your preference for the fineries with The Town Crier ihorn.