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The Vorms iHORN is made from a French Herbelot & Vorms small radio horn which was made in Paris.  It was made in 1927.  In France, it was marketed under the name “Haut-Parleur à Pavillon” which translates straightforwardly and unapologetically to “Horn Speaker.”  Almost everything sounds more elegant in French.  Very little direct information is known about the company which made this horn speaker.  Perhaps immediately post WWI and pre WWII, the ease of access to the internet was less than today.  However, little horn speakers like the Vorms were manufactured in significantly smaller quantities than the larger horns.  This was because most consumers could only afford one horn speaker, and opted for a larger “whole house” speaker.  As such, the smaller diameter horn speakers were purchased only by the ultra-rich for their office, study, den or bedroom.    One hundred years later, the smaller horns curry much favor with collectors who understand that original economic realities impact value and that often it is the market failures or smaller market shares which hold the greatest long term value.  Regardless, the Vorms has a sound larger than its size and which sounds wonderfully in any language.  Alors asseyez-vous et profitez d’un retour dans le temps.