Witch's Hat 2

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The Witch’s Hat iHORN  is made from an early witch’s hat phonograph horn.  The Witch’s Hat horn is an original Edison phonograph horn made of brass.  They came on the Edison Home Standard Phonograph, which came in Models A through E.  They were the first mass produced phonograph for the average consumer.  They played a ceramic disc with a run time of two minutes.  The earliest models were produced in the 1890’s.  However, by 1912, the plate disc, with its extended run time of four minutes and capacity to be double sided had won out over the cylinders, rendering cylinder production obsolete.  With the cyclinders obsolete, so too was the production of the Edison Standard Home Phonograph.  Therefore, the horn on The Witch’s Hat iHORN is over 100 years old.

The Witch’s Hat iHORN is a centurion.  It is simple, strong, and possesses the wisdom of the ages.  Fly home on a broomstick and cackle all the way.